Although I’d like to help as much people as I can, answering everyone that has workout questions or needs a plan would cost me probably more than half of my week. Homemade Muscle is a one-guy project and I get tons of email per day. If you want to make sure I read your message please make sure it’s below 300 words! (You can use this free Word-counter).

PS: Make sure you search my Youtube channel for topics you have inquiries about before contacting me. Also, keep in mind that you can hire my coaching services over here:

You can also book a Skype session with me if you’d like a more personal form of communication. I do my best to answer everyone via email but it’s getting more and more difficult the last months (I’m one guy, no secretaries etc). You’re free to ask anything you want related to my books and project (Bodyweight exercise, strength training, diet, meditation etc). Each session costs $49 which gives you up to an hour.
PS: Make sure you add “Skype consult” in the subject of your mail.

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