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Homemade Muscle - Beginner's Guide
3-Month Beginner’s Guide
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How to Sculpt a Greek God’s Chest with Push ups
How to Sculpt a Greek God Marble Chest with Push-ups
This is not a book on how to do gazilion Push-ups (PUS), tens of PUS variations or how to break crossfit PUS records. Neither is this a “how to do PUS” book. There are hundreds of Youtube tutorials that teach you how to do that, so I didn’t see the point on adding something like that in here…
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How to Sculpt a Gymnasts Back with Pull-ups
How to Carve a Gymnast’s Ripped Back with Pull-ups
Pull-ups are the best upper-body muscle-building exercise out there. Elite organizations such as army special forces, SWAT teams , the marines and more, all require a minimum amount of pull-ups as a prerequisite for anyone to join their training programs….
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All You Need Is A Pull Up Bar
All You Need Is A Pull Up Bar
Amazon Kindle’s best-seller in Men’s health category “All you need is a Pull-up bar” was a best seller on Amazon for 3,5 weeks when the book was published. Click here to check out all the five-star reviews on amazon!…


Super Hero Home Workout
Super hero Home Workout
Be your own Superhero… Learn how to use bodyweight exercises & scientifically proven mind-to-muscle techniques to Sculpt the body and develop the mindset of your inner Superhero…


BodyWeight Muscle
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