3 Treacherous Result-Killing Training Sins Most Busy Dads Make

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For the past month, Anthony and I had been trying to find a way to supercharge our client’s muscle-building results while training a maximum of 2.5 hours per week without ever setting foot in a gym.

So, as expected, we experimented with every training method under the sun in search for the best way to drive even better results.

“What do you feel people get all wrong when it comes to training?”, Anthony asked. “Because… I feel our method can and has produced great results for many people, when done right and followed to a T.”

Now, Anthony wasn’t wrong.

Our method does work wonders, if it’s indeed followed to a T.

And therein also lies the problem.

“You see, our method works wonders. But we’re making one grave mistake here. We’re assuming that most people will follow the program exactly as it’s laid out.”, I pointed out. “But most people don’t have the know-how or the ability, yet, to carry out the program perfectly to get the best results possible. Therefore, we have to build the program with this in mind.”

Because, here’s the deal.

Most peoples’ training flat-out sucks. They’re just going through the motions.

Especially, when they’re extremely short on time, dead-beat tired and stressed, and their kid is headbutting the door for some attention.

You see… proper training modalities that work on, let’s say, college students who don’t have a single care and all the free time in the world don’t work for busy dads who sleep 3-4 hours a day, work 8-hour shifts and have 3 kids.

Therefore, we have to adapt the system to suit their needs and circumstances, instead of the other way around.

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad… well… then Muhammad must come to the mountain.

“That’s all good in theory, but what do you think are the biggest mistakes people make?”, Anthony asked once again.

Now, I don’t remember my exact words, so I’ll go off the top of my head here.

Deadly Training Sin #1: Their form sucks

Let’s be honest. Most trainee’s form sucks.

They perform their reps hastily. With zero control. They go half the way up and half the way down. So they never really train their muscles correctly to get results.

Deadly Training Sin #2: They don’t train hard enough

Their second result-killing sin, is that they never really train hard enough. They end their sets way too early. When the set’s still easy. When they still have a lot of reps in the tank.

And instead of keep going until they are so close to failure they look like they’re having a stroke… they stop. Sometimes way-too-many-reps short of failure to have any significant result.

Deadly Training Sin #3: They don’t increase the difficulty

Now, this is so damn important, that even if you did everything else right, and you skipped this, your results would quickly come to a halt.

Most people don’t keep track of what they do in their training. The reps, sets, and weights.

So they never know what their previous performance was to beat it so they can become stronger. They unknowingly throw progressive overload out with the bathwater.

So, we came up with a new, improved, training method that fixes all 3 mistakes

And all that without increasing the amount of time it takes to perform the workouts.

Or adding more training sessions to the mix.

Just by spicing up our already effective training system with a few programming tricks. Like taking sets beyond failure. And adding some timed sets to increase training density.

Now, if you’re a busy-dad who lacks time and wants to FINALLY drop the dadbod, while building some strength and muscle to your frame aaaand you’ve been on that hamester wheel for too long…

…then our DDP program has your name written all over.

Unless Anthony decides you’re not a good fit for our program, or that we aren’t able to help you.

In which case, message me, and I’ll try my best to change his mind (he is sometimes, not too fond of vegans, but he’s made exceptions before)

So, book your consultation call with Anthony to find out!

Hoping you make it in,


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