Before we get started, let me remind you that I have a beginner’s guide available for everyone. Although I’ve tried to make my Beginner’s guide as flexible as possible there are some people who need something more custom-tailored to their needs. Maybe for example you want something more advanced. Maybe you’re above fifty and you need something more joint friendly. Or maybe you simply need someone to hold you accountable while getting started. Whatever the case might be, I‘ve created three coaching services to best suit your needs.

Skype Consultation
Some people are simply lost and either need some direction to get started or someone to clear up all the mixed information they have in their head. You’re free to ask anything related to bodyweight exercise, my books or other general advice (diet, meditation, life advice etc). Make sure you add “Skype consultation” in the subject of your mail if this is the optimal choice for you.

Program optimization
I created this program for people who already have a workout plan they like. After reviewing your program, I’ll let you know what iterations and adjustments are possible in order to maximize you results. This way you can modify your workout plan without paying a full-price that I charge for custom tailored plans. Just add “Program optimization” in your email’s subject and send me your workout plan. Next we can arrange a skype call (not mandatory) to discuss what is possible. Soon after our call I’ll send you an adjusted and improved version.

Custom tailored plan

I will send you a questionnaire, to learn more about your goals, workout experience, preferences etc. After studying this questionnaire, we’ll arrange a skype call or send a couple of emails back and forth to discuss your questionnaire. A week later, we will have a follow-up appointment on skype (email communication instead is also possible). This is not mandatory but I highly recommend it. During this appointment, you can ask me any questions you might have and we can also make further adjustments if required.

Don’t forget to add “Custom Tailored Plan” in your email’s subject before you contact me.