Although I’d like to help as much people as I can, answering everyone that has workout questions or needs a plan would cost me probably more than half of my week. Homemade Muscle is a one-guy project and I get tons of email per day. If you want to make sure I read your message please make sure it’s below 300 words! (You can use this free Word-counter).

PS: Make sure you search my Youtube channel for topics you have inquiries about before contacting me.

You can also book a Skype session with me if you’d like to consult me about anything, either that’s fitness/bodyweight-exercise and nutrition related or other. A common service I offer is program optimization where you can share with me your workout plan and I can advice you on how you could optimize it or if you should change it completely. I do my best to answer everyone via email but it’s getting more and more difficult the last months (I’m one guy, no secretaries etc).

Each session costs $49 which gives you up to an hour.

PS: Make sure you add “Skype consult” in the subject of your mail.

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