How To Eat Dinner With Your Family Without Killing Your Progress

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Dinner time.

That golden hour when you finally get to relax and catch up with your family. It’s your moment to share stories, crack jokes, and build those priceless memories with your loved ones.

But here’s the rub: even if you’ve been nailing your nutrition game all day, and even if you come home to a fantastic, healthy feast whipped up by your partner, there’s this sneaky little habit that can throw a wrench in your weight loss gears.

You know, this all-too-familiar urge to overindulge just to shake off the stress of a hectic day.

It’s like your brain switches to autopilot, and before you know it, you’re reaching for extra servings or diving into the late-night snacks.

So what can you do?

If you’re anything like the dads we work with on our DDP program, then you might have tried many approaches. Yet, nothing seems to work.

Luckily, I’m here to help you craft an approach that not only helps you shave inches off your midline…

…but also helps you deepen the relationship with your family.

Let’s roll.

1.Involve Your Family (and Drop the Lone-Wolf Mentality)

Most Dads don’t communicate their needs and goals to their family.

They have the lone wolf mentality. They try to heave the weight on their own. They are afraid they’ll appear weak.

But involving their family and asking for help will only strengthen their bonds.

Thousands of years ago people depended on one another for everything. They operated in groups. But nowadays, society inches people towards independency.

Instead of going the solo route, go back to your nature. Communicate and be open about your goals and needs. Sit with your family and create meals that fulfil both your goals and your taste-buds.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be synonymous with bland or boring.

2. Plan Your Meals

There is a quote I use often:

“If you don’t plan to succeed, then you plan to fail.”

The most successful dieters create a plan and stick to it. Which is exactly why they are successful dieters in the first place. It’s a chicken and egg scenario.

Here is a simple structure I recommend.

Choose high-protein, low-carb options for breakfast, lunch, and busy work hours. By doing so, you can reserve more room for carbs and overall portions during dinner, allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal with your family.

(We teach this EXACT process in detail on our FREE Dadbod Self-Coaching Course.)

3. Count Your Portions

If you wish to crack the lean code, then winging your food intake won’t cut it.

The Hand Portions Method is a simple yet effective way to keep track without getting lost in the numbers. Think of it as a quick and easy tool for portion control, ensuring you enjoy your meal without overindulging.

Here is how to do it:

  • Protein: The palm of your hand determines your protein portions
  • Carbs: our cupped hand determines your carb portions
  • Fats: Your thumb determines your fat portions
  • Vegetables: Your fist determines your vegetable portions 

4. Focus on Lean Protein And Veggies

Most people consume way too many carbs and fats in their nutrition and too little lean protein and vegetables.

Losing fat requires you to flip the script.

Here is a simple tip.

Start your meal with a salad or a protein-rich appetizer. This will help you keep hunger at bay and eat less. 

5. Eat Less Food by Following the Satiety Trifecta

One of the best practices we teach on our DDP program is the Satiety Trifecta.

Because when you feel fuller, your cravings diminish. And when you indulge in fewer cravings and stick to your portions, you lose weight.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Drink 1-2 big glasses of water before every meal. This will help you fill up quicker and eat less.
  • Eat to 80% full: The more you overeat, the more you reinforce the habit of overeating. By practicing eating until 80% full, you learn to stop when you feel satisfied (and not when you feel that burning sensation in your chest!)
  • Eat Slow: Eating slow increases satiety and nutrient absorption, while improving digestion. But it also makes you focus more on the whole experience around the meal, not just the food.

6. Drop the All-or-Nothing Mindset

Many dads that enter our Dadbod Demolition Project program are impatient.

They want results yesterday. But learning requires failure and patience.

Which means that you’ll have to drop the All-or-Nothing mindset and turn off that judgmental voice.

Mistakes are the price you pay in the beginning to succeed later.


Eating dinner with your family doesn’t have to be a minefield.

You can enjoy dinner while making your way towards your goals.

It’s about finding a balance that works for you and your loved ones.

To start, do the following:

  1. Communicate your goals to your family and come up with meal ideas together.
  2. Plan all your meals and allow for more flexibility during your dinner
  3. Count your portions because they still count
  4. Prioritise lean protein and veggies
  5. Drink water with every meal, eat slow, and to 80% full
  6. Be patient and approach failures with a learning mindset

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how we can help:

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