What if, in merely two hours per week, you could craft your ideal physique?

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Is this even possible?

“So and so said you need a ton of volume per week to build muscle…”

Which is pure bullshit.

So let me answer the question first, and then I’ll explain why.

Given you have the right kind of programming, guidance and system to follow… it’s totally possible to craft the body you desire training merely 2 hours per week.

Because here’s the thing.

Most studies, beyond being flawed and fuelled by money, target professional athletes and bodybuilders.

They search for the ultimate goblet of muscle-building.

The perfect plan to pack on slabs of muscle.

But…you probably don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, and be a shredded 230-pound silverback gorilla-looking dude with veins the size of the Suez Canal.

Not only that, but training like one will probably have the opposite effect.

The sheer combination of volume and intensity will make you feel sluggish, stressed and tired for the rest of the day, and the days after.

Which defeats the purpose.

If you’re like most dads we work with, then probably all you want is…

…to have a lean, strong, and rugged physique, and have the time and energy to shoulder all the responsibilities of being a busy everyday dad, while remaining healthy, energised and feeling amazing in your skin.

(and maybe… getting more sexy time with the wife)

Which means that long-drawn, 1.5h daily bodybuilding workouts go out the window.


For you, less is more.

How much work you perform pales in importance to training effectively, with the right exercises, form, rep schemes, intensity, and strategies.

Plus, focusing on the right things and doing the minimum amount of recommended volume for hypertrophy can get you 70-75% of the results.

And all the mood, hormonal, and energy benefits.

In a measly 2 hours per week.

So, if this sounds enticing enough?

We’re just in the brink of releasing our new Calisthenics & Dumbbells Hybrid Training System.

Without ever needing a gym.

Not only that but we’ll also help you drop 10-20lbs and fuel your body properly so that you can reap the results of your training and build the lean, strong physique you desire.

Because, training alone can only get you so far.

If you’re up?

…then click the link below, and fill the application:


And we’ll get back to you ASAP, because Summer’s around the corner, and who has time to waste?!

John “The 2-hour Bodybuilder” Voulgaridis