Why your weight isn’t melting off no matter what

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This morning, as I was scouring the dad section of Reddit, while sipping my freshly-brewed Americano at one of my favorite caffes, I stumbled on a gold nugget of a post.

There, Joe, 52, aircraft engineer, who’s apparently extremely fertile, as he’s a dad of 5 kids, was asking the rest of Dad-Redditors why he can’t lose weight no matter what he does.

In his EXACT words, “Fellow dads…”, he starts as if he is about to lay his pre-campaign political speech. “I need help.”, he continues. “I’m 52 and I weigh 248 pounds (as of today) at 5″11. I have a HECTIC life as I’m an aircraft engineer, commuting an hour to and from work, and I have 5 kids, 4 of them still living with us. I eat two meals a day and a snack, and most meals are homemade. On top of that I move a LOT thoughout the day. But even though I’ve been trying to lose weight for 4 months, and even though I eat very little, I have only lost 10 pounds, and I’ve been sitting at 248 for the last month. I’m desperate. Any advice?”

Now, that’s all fine and dandy. And it’s very similar to what most Dads tell us when they first get in our program.

That’s not why I decided to email you about this post.

It was actually the horde of responses from other dads.

Just do Keto”, one writes.

“It was the sugar for me, as expected”, says another.

“2 MEALS AND A SNACK?!? You’re eating too little”, yells dsgreg123.

“It’s our metabolism. It’s almost impossible to lose weight once you’re older”, a couple others point out.

But Drew knocked it out of the park:

“Carbs make you fat, man. It’s crazy to think that. But if you haven’t used them by the end of the day, they store as fat in your body.”

Now, to their defence, there were a few reasonable responses with solid advice.

But 90% of them were pure gobbledygook.

And here’s the deal.

Most people think that there’s a single, universal way that works for everyone.

A particular diet. A particular training program. A hack. A food. A method. Keto. Detoxing. Paleo. Carnivore. Fasting. Crossfit. Calisthenics. Lots of cardio. No cardio. Whatever.

But they’re missing the forest for the trees.

They do one thing, see results, and then because it worked for them, they preach it like gospel. Even if the results were not due to the reason they thought.

Now, everything can *potentially* work.

Because it’s not the method in and of itself that matters most.

It’s all about consistent application of the fundamental rules of weight loss.


So, here’s what I replied:

“Dear Joe,

First of all, congratulations on losing 10 pounds in 4 months. That’s actually solid progress.

Secondly, It makes sense that you’ve stalled. It’s normal. You’re doing the right things but are missing the big picture.

It’s not the number of meals that matters. Or if the food is homemade. Or that you move a lot. And of course, these are all pieces of the puzzle, important ones even. But to complete a puzzle correctly, you have to put all the pieces together to form a cohesive picture. And right now, my friend, you’re missing a few pieces.

Losing weight all comes down to the amount of food you’re eating. The calories so to speak. To drop weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit. If you’re not, you won’t lose weight.

So, everything you do has to lead to a calorie-deficit.

You can eat healthy and gain weight. And you can feed off junk food entirely and drop weight. Now, of course, I don’t recommend that. I recommend eating 80% of your calories from unprocessed natural food sources like fruits, meat, poultry, vegetables, dairy, eggs, fish and seafood. And the rest of that 20% can come from not so healthy sources that you love, so that you can keep sane and increase consistency.

So here’s what to do:

Calculate how much you need to eat daily to lose weight.

Then measure how much you’re eating by either counting calories, portions, or by keeping all of your meals the same, and reducing bits if you’re not losing.

Then apply this 80/20 rule I talked about to your food choices to create your meals.

Move as much as you can.

And if you aren’t losing weight, reduce the amount of food you’re eating.



Now, the theory behind melting weight is simple. The above lays out almost everything you need to know without complicating thing too much.

But integrating it in your daily is where most people struggle.

That’s because losing weight requires a behavioral change.

It requires you to change your mindset around certain things. Drop well-established habits, and then go opposite to what your head likes, and form new ones.

And even if I sit here all day typing out the theory of weight loss…

Actually making it a habit, and sticking long-enough with it, through the thick and thin, to see great results, requires a change from the inside out.

Which is exactly what we do in our Dadbod Demolition Project.

We don’t just lay out the puzzle pieces in such a perfect order that achieving results is almost inevitable (if you do the work, that is)…

It’s not just that we’ve shaped our program in a way that you can shape and morph it to suit your own needs, preferences, and circumstances…

And it’s not just that we hold you accountable throughout the week to ensure you’re laying the groundwork consistently…

It’s MOSTLY the fact that we have done it so many times that we can almost blindly detect your blindspots and guide you through them…

…to finally lift the roadblocks that are keeping you trapped in the dadbod, and finally build the body, the energy, and the confidence you so deeply crave.

So, if you’re up for the ride?

Reply to this email with the word “COACHING” and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Chat soon,


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